When Allison went to college, she didn’t expect to fall in love with her roommate who bears a striking resemblance to her eternal girl crush Phoebe Tonkin.

Every semester, before the finals, Allison will take Lydia for a drive, and they’ll go somewhere remote, and Allison will slide Lydia’s top down and suck her amazing tits, before finger fucking Lydia so hard that the redhead forgets all about exams.

Jackson never expected to find Erica among London’s high society of all places. But he had come to the city for a new start, so it made sense that the female werewolf would make a beeline there after faking her death. However Jackson plans to show all these dapper pricks just who Erica’s wolf screams for.

Allison is tired of Isaac dancing around her, always thinking about Scott, and holding back because she used to date his best friend. So fed up and horny, Allison corners Isaac and pins him against the wall, making her intentions perfectly clear.

The stifling days of summer are the worst. Cooped up in a shitty college apartment, surrounded by books and ramen noodles, all Stiles and Allison want to do is cuddle with each other and cool down, in whatever way they can.

The perks about living in a college town is that during the summer, it’s almost empty, so no one is there to judge them when Stiles and Allison drag their bed out and fuck on their balcony for hours on end.

When the Darach was sacrificing virgins, everyone was worried for Stiles, but Allison took matters into her own hands. However, after that fateful night, neither of them could give up the amazing sex. And while they both feel guilty sometimes, sleeping with each other in secret, when Allison is held so tightly in his arms, Stiles fucking her so deep and lovingly, the guilt is gone.

stallison please! (asked by Anonymous)

stallison is one of my favorites, so i’ll get right on that!


Little one always gets spankings on the way to bed when I carry her like this…suppose it makes sense that she always asks to be carried over my shoulder in such a way…

peter/cora? (asked by Anonymous)

About to upload one for you anon!